Hong Kong Roof Tops

Sam Kolder wanna be? Here is your daily dose of Roof Top thrills and Luma Key transitions. 😂 Jokes aside, what an amazing day spent in Hong Kong hunting for roof tops you can actually access. Unfamiliar with our surroundings we tried to "hook up" with a Hong Kong resident famous for sharing roof top pictures on his instagram, but it sadly never happened so we had to leave it to our beginner's luck to find the perfect spots, and boy we did have some good luck!

Disclaimer: Yes, it can be dangerous - #falling - we are not pushing anyone to do the same, our friend @conormccann (insta handle, go check him out he has great content there) has a great balance, safety tricks and XXL cojones. Janina's insane shot was also made with "safety first" state of mind, falling was just not an option!

That being said, the perspective from above makes up for great content, add to that some time lapses inside HK tramway and you are up for a dope video. By the way, here is the trick to get this motion blur effect you can see with the tramway clips: Shoot photos with slow shutter speed, so when the wagon is moving you got the outside becoming blurry while the inside stay sharp.

That's it for today if you guys have any questions please post them in the comment section!

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