Surfing In The Philippines Like Never Seen Before

This beginning of the year has been packed with trips around the Philippines, some taking us to famous surfing spots such as Siargao (a couple of times, can't wait to go back there next June already) and Real, Quezon. Add to that some swimming with whale sharks and you have enough content to come up with an interesting video, showcasing surfing like you probably never seen it before!

We geared up our trips with our classic a7s, DJI mavic and one of the latest addition to our growing family, the now famous GoPro 5. Let's be clear straight from the start: We do have a love/hate relationships with GoPro cameras. As much as we love their versatility and global image quality during day time, we are not big fans of the absence of depth of field (no blur in the background, everything is in focus) and the sub par quality in low light condition. But, on some occasions and the help of some editing wizardry , GoPro footage do turn out just great, like shown in this video. All underwater and surfing clips you can see here are shot with the GoPro 5, and only a bit of them are actually shot with the a7s. One of the reason the video is black and white, beside the artistic choice, is to maximize the sharpness and contrast of the GoPro, the blue-ish color you get underwater with this camera can feel a bit washed out sometimes, desaturating colors and boosting the contrast (as well as pushing the blacks down and the white up - #curves) bring something new and makes you feel like people are sometimes swimming up into space.

If you are interested to get more details about this video please feel free to ask your questions in the comment section, we will be glad to answer them!

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