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UNDERwater video LUT

2nd Edition


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40 underwater video LUTs (Look-Up Table) to boost your videos with amazing colors and contrast. This 2nd edition of the Maldavar Underwater LUTs have been engineered with a brand new approach for even better results. Play with the intensity of each LUT to fit your needs and easily bring back your reds, skin tones, contrast and saturation. Your underwater videos will never look the same.

10 LUT families for a total of 40 individual LUTs. 

compatible with


Our LUTs are .cube files, the most popular file format for Look Up Tables. If you wish to confirm the compatibility of your video editing software with our LUTs, you can ask us here.

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Classic LUTs

These LUTs will fit a wide range of clips. Specially engineered for clips shot in a flat picture profile, they will also fit standard clips (picture profile OFF) by lowering their intensity. The tutorials included with your pack will make you love the classic LUT series.


4 LUTs: Made for various flat picture profiles

Jaws #1 Before / After

All Jaws LUTs


4 LUTs: Made for various flat picture profiles

Manta #4 Before / After

All Manta LUTs


4 LUTs: Made for various flat picture profiles

Reef #4 Before / After

All Reef LUTs


4 LUTs: Made for various flat picture profiles

Thalassa #3 Before / After

All Thalassa LUTs


4 LUTs: Made for various flat picture profiles

Naiad #4 Before / After

All Naiad LUTs


4 LUTs: Made for various flat picture profiles

Turtle #1 Before / After

All Turtle LUTs

GoPro LUTs

Get the best colors out of your action camera (GoPro, DJI Osmo Action, Insta 360...).


4 LUTs: Ideal for GoPro and Action Cameras

Aqua #4 Before / After

All Aqua LUTs

LOG and Rec709 LUTs

The LOG and Rec709 LUTs are specifically engineered for clips shot in LOG picture profile. 


4 LUTs: Made for LOG Profile

Neptune #1 Before / After

All Neptune LUTs

deep blue

4 LUTs: Made for LOG Profile

Deep Blue #4 Before / After

All Deep Blue LUTs


4 LUTs: Made for LOG Profile

Poseidon #4 Before / After

All Poseidon LUTs

Box Underwater LUTs Shadow v2 FINAL.png

40 Professional Underwater LUTs


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Included in the LUT Pack

Unlock the full potential of the Underwater LUTs by watching the comprehensive tutorials.

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In addition to the LUTs, we also provide simple step by step processes to follow in order to make the most of them. Our #1 goal is to make your color grading process simpler and more efficient.

You will learn simple concepts to follow regardless of the video editor you are using. This is not about the tool, but about the knowledge. You will be able to apply these steps regardless if you are using Adobe Premiere, Final Cut, DaVinci Resolve, LumaFusion... All the main video editing software out there have the tools to implement the steps we will be showing you.

Special Limited Offer

Get the Full Underwater Pack for $99 only

Enjoy 50% Off by enrolling to the Maldavar Underwater Content Creation Course. 

Get instant access to all our Underwater Presets, LUTs and full online course

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50 Photo Presets

Full Online Course

40 video LUTs

This 50% OFF limited time offer will end on March 5th 2024. 

The Maldavar Underwater Pack will be back to $199 on March 6th 2024.


For any question you can contact us through the form below:

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