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Become an Advanced Underwater Content Creator

Find the best tools to improve your craft and optimize your time.

50 Underwater Presets for Lightroom

Enhance your photos with captivating colors and enhanced contrast using our new collection of Underwater Presets. Meticulously crafted, these presets have been designed to cater to a diverse array of cameras like Sony, Nikon, Canon, GoPro, and more. With careful attention to various lighting conditions and color dynamics, we've curated a selection of 50 presets to address the common challenges faced in underwater photography.

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Works on Lightroom Mobile & Desktop

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40 Professional Underwater LUTs

40 underwater video LUTs (Look-Up Table) to boost your videos with amazing colors and contrast. This 2nd edition of the Maldavar Underwater LUTs have been engineered with a brand new approach for even better results. Play with the intensity of each LUT to fit your needs and easily bring back your reds, skin tones, contrast and saturation. Your underwater videos will never look the same.

10 LUT families for a total of 40 individual LUTs. 

compatible with

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Underwater content creation

Online Course

Maldavar Films offers a unique online course that teaches both beginner and advanced content creators the necessary skills to create beautiful and meaningful underwater photos and videos.

Our online course is taught by Maldavar Films founder Sebastien Gilbert, a documentary film maker with more than 10 years of experience creating content for brands, online streaming publishers and corporations.

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"Creating underwater content has always been my #1 passion. This is how I started my film making journey. Being able to include this type of content to our projects has given Maldavar Films an edge in the industry. Be it for documentaries, corporate content, vlogs or branded content, inserting meaningful underwater images to our stories allows us to add production value when necessary."

    -Sebastien Gilbert

Founder Maldavar Films

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