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Filipino Culinary Traditions, with a twist.


Traditions are paving the way for Chele Gonzalez and Carlos Villaflor (from awarded restaurant Gallery By Chele), who are on a quest to learn the secrets behind Filipino staple dishes. And as true explorers, they come back home to blend this newly acquired knowledge into their own creative process. Be the witness of their journey.

This docu-series is exclusively available on TrueID platform.

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Siruma, Camarines Sur

Classic kinilaw (Filipino Ceviche) is the highlight dish as Chef Chele discovers the unique way of life of Kuya Tikoy and the sea villagers living in the remote municipality of Siruma, Camarines Sur. 

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El Kabayo , Bataan

It's time to learn about Aeta traditions and their respect for the land guided by Aeta cultural leader Erlinda Ignatio with a focus on their age-old tribal practice of Binuho (bamboo) rice cooking.


Camalig, Bicol

Albay blesses Chef Chele's visit with a view of Mount Mayon and a journey of Bicolano dishes, particularly the famous pinangat, through the eyes of Socorro Restaurant's Chef Ato.


Amadeo, Cavite

Chef Carlos travels upland to Amadeo, Cavite where he discovers specialty coffee that the Philippine soil in this altitude can produce, with insights from coffee expert, Chit Juan.

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El Kabayo, Bataan

Chef Chele joins Albert from the Aeta tribe to learn about foraging in the forest, how everything can be found in nature and why care and respect for it is vital.

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Silang, Cavite

Henry Brolagda of Lucciole Farm, Cavite educates Chef Carlos on sustainability and community-building while also acquainting him with his famous all-natural cochinillo (Suckling Pig) dish.


Cabiokid, Nueva Ecija

Chef Carlos visits Cabiokid permaculture farm in Nueva Ecija where he meets with Jake Bautista who discusses nature as a teacher and introduces him to buro. 

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Pecuria Farm, Bicol

Chef Chele goes to a gabi leaves farm in Camarines Sur and learns from Rica Buenaflor the art of cooking laing and her passion for Bicolano culture.

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